A correctly installed and well-maintained stove will give you many years of enjoyment and it is not uncommon for the main body of a stove to still be in use after 25 years. Stoves can be significantly safer than open fires. We can fit your stove or simply supply it to you. If you decide to use another installer we would recommend that you ensure they are H.E.T.A.S. trained


Did you know that you must get permission from your local planning office if you want to install a stove as all installations must comply with Document J of the current Building Regulations. A copy of these can be found here - www.odpm.gov.uk.


Alternatively you can  have your stove fitted by a registered H.E.T.A.S. engineer. H.E.T.A.S. is the official body recognised by government to approve solid fuel domestic heating appliances, fuels and services and H.E.T.A.S trained engineers are qualified to certify your installation. Not only does this mean that you know you are getting a good quality safe installation but it can also save you money as getting a building regulation officer to certify an installation typically costs between £90 and £150 pounds.


If you are told that this is a formality and you donít need to do it you this is untrue and could leave you with a nasty and expensive surprise when you try and sell your house or you need to make an insurance claim (even if you have declared the stove in your policy).